Sash Windows London Go Green advantages and disadvantages

Published: 15th March 2011
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Sash window design has a very colorful history. The English inventor Robert Hooke was considered to be the creator of the sash window design. The Ham House which was constructed in the 1670's is alleged to be the first one to install the sash windows London. These kinds of windows are commonly seen in Gregorian and Victorian design houses. Initially the window design was 3 panes across by 2 panes and opens vertically giving a "6 over 6" panel. Let us compare these.

The major downside of sash windows London is not on the design but on the material used. Sash windows are made of wood and if not properly maintained would be worn out by nature. Rotting, swelling and distortion as well as rattling once the wind blows due to the shrinking of the woodwork are the common issues encountered by the sash window. These difficulties with the material will be unpleasant and will pose a security issue. An additional weakness with the sash window is the sliding mechanism. Which is more susceptible to these issues.

Proper maintenance and using the present technology can lengthen the stability of a sash window to last a lifetime. The onslaught of Mother Nature will have lesser effect or destruction of the windows. The woods that are used now are treated thereby preventing shrinking and the onset of insects. Spring sealing materials are already available to stop the window from rattling. Sash window specialists are now available and abundant if ever we will experience some troubles with the windows. The majority of the sash window designs already adhere to the Police security standards and the Secure by design endorsements is visible which answers the issue on security.

The sash windows London give poor thermal efficiency. Because of the material used the window won't be able to keep the warm air in during winter. This will mean an additional cost in the heating. However it still gives good airing especially during warm weather. Opening both the top and lower portion of the window evenly will let the warm air via the top portion while letting the cool air in through the lower part. Since wood is the material used the warmth and coolness of the apartment will be retained. Also the atmosphere that the wooden windows will be refreshing in comparison to having a steel pane. One more defining advantage of the sash window is when you are cleaning, through it's design it will be easy for you to dust both sides of the glass panes.

Timber, softwood, hardwood gives the part of the household with windows a more natural look and exudes a diffused and cozy atmosphere. Consulting a sash window authority and have him design your windows to match your home designs would be advisable prior to commencing a project. The sash specialist will be able to work with you and provide you ideas and concepts on what will be best for the style and inclinations you have for your household. So enjoy and relax as you breathe in fresh and downy air.

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